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All you need to know about Bio-Strath

January 21, 2019

Life is busier and offers many more choices now more than ever before. To keep up with growing demand, food, especially fruits and vegetables, need to be grown faster and have given rise to GMO produced food. Popularity of processed and fortified foods has increased drastically and ‘takeaways’ have become a household favourite and this has contributed to nutritional deficiencies in our diets. With all these factors in play, it is now a necessity to supplement. Bio-Strath offers the perfect food supplement to maintain your whole family’s well-being.


Bio-Strath is 100% natural

Bio-Strath is a 100% natural food supplement that’s produced on a small production plant in Switzerland. A special yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae MEYEN) and a ‘secret’ combination of 50 herbs are mixed together and left over a two month period to produce what we know as Bio-Strath.  True to its small family business roots, the Bio-Strath production line consists of only three people and is not handled by human hands!

As a front-runner in natural supplementation since 1961, this successful family business continues to grow from strength to strength and currently exports to more than 50 countries worldwide.

The nutrients found in Bio-Strath are in a completely natural state when the final product is delivered, this means the production process delivered a 100% natural product where the nutrients are in their most natural form so that the body can recognise the nutrients faster and absorb them better, without side effects. The product also does not contain any preservatives or synthetic ingredients.


How does Bio-Strath benefit you?

The herbs that were chosen for Bio-Strath were specifically selected to support various bodily functions. When you take Bio-Strath, your body receives more than 60 essential nutrients (that include vitamins, minerals, amino acids and building substances) that work together to help your body function at its best. By absorbing these nutrients, you are able to give it your all, naturally, with improved energy and stamina, better absorption of essential minerals such as Zinc, Magnesium, Iron and Vitamin B1, improved memory and concentration in children with learning difficulties and increased iron levels during pregnancy. With the body getting the nutrients it requires the immune system is also stronger and the body is able to recover quicker when it is troubled by illness and fatigue.


What Bio-Strath product is best for you?

Bio-Strath is suitable for everyone, from a newborn to a 50+, which makes it a staple in every household. It can even be used by expecting and breastfeeding moms! The elixir is a great choice for children because of its tasty combination of malt, honey and orange juice. While the tablets are a favourite choice for adults and can be taken by diabetics and vegans. Find out more about the perfect formulation for you and your family:  

Get Bio-Strath and get what you need – for you and your whole family – Naturally!