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Imagination awaits!

May 29, 2018

A whole new exciting world opens up each time you expose your mind to a book.

Fresh minds are open to amazing possibilities in the stories they read, and that is why reading is so vital for children. Harness their innocence and create wonderful worlds of wonder for them to delve into.

Reading creates an experience where you can escape and find exciting new things and discover new places. Exercising the imagination of young, growing brains is important to child development.

You’ll learn new things and find some new things you never even thought you’d be interested in just by opening a book.

You’ll also learn how to have a better understanding of how to handle situations and deal with them through the characters that you dream up. Reading creates mystery and encourages you to use your own initiative and use the descriptions to paint your own picture, enhancing your ability to become more creative.

Your skills are also improved by reading. You’ll have a better handle of language and discover new ways to put words and sentences to use. You’ll feel more confident in your writing and speech all through reading.

It is never too late to start reading with your children. Take the time out everyday and spend it watching your kids expand their knowledge and imagination and most importantly bonding.