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More than enough for you!

May 31, 2018

During your pregnancy your body has an increased need for amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other nutrients. Bio-Strath contains more than 60 of these essential nutrients giving you and your growing baby the daily nutritional support you need. Even after your pregnancy Bio-Strath will continue to support you… naturally.

More than Enough for Baby! 

  • Essential nutrients including Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and Building Substances
  • Clinically proven during pregnancy
  • Promotes iron uptake
  • Supports health pre and post pregnancy
  • Natural energy
  • Immune support
  • Beneficial during breastfeeding. See what Sister Lillian has to say about the importance of breastfeeding.
  • 100% natural
Bio-Strath Bottom Bar Baby

During your baby’s first years, their little body will require all the support it can get to grow into a healthy, strong child. Bio-Strath offers the ideal nutritional support for your little one. Full of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, building substances and amino acids, Bio-Strath provides more than enough of the essential nutrients your little one needs to grow up healthy and strong.

  • Supports early childhood development (mental and physical)
  • Strengthens immune system. See what Meg Faure and Sister Lillian has to say about baby immunity.
  • Supports appetite
  • Increases natural energy
  • 100% natural