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Fight the holiday boredom

May 23, 2018

A handful of tips to keep your kids busy during the holidays

It’s holiday time and we want our kids to have the best time they can while staying safe. We’ve got some tips to keep your child entertained during the holidays.

If you live on the coast, you could let your kids enjoy a fun-filled morning at the beach supervised by an older sibling to ensure they use enough sunblock, stay safe in the water. They can even host competitions to see who can build the tallest sandcastle.

If you stay inland, an afternoon in the nearby park is always great fun. Pack them a basket of healthy snacks to keep their energy levels up. A frisbee or a soccer ball are ideal sports toys for a day at the park.

For the kids who don’t have older siblings, a sleepover is a great idea! Bring a friend over for a few days, they can watch their favourite movies together, play outside when the sun isn’t too hot, and building a blanket fort at night is the highlight of any sleepover.

Kids who are a little older would prefer to spend their time relaxing and catching up with friends at the movies, shopping at the local mall or playing video games. These ideas would help them with their social skills and let them enjoy the most of their holidays without getting into too much trouble.

Keeping your kids busy and active during their break ensures that they do not become lazy and keeps their mind constantly stimulated, so when schools go back, they’re fresh, recharged and ready to soak in all the new knowledge with the help of their daily Bio-Strath.