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Bio-Strath has been and remains the natural choice of nutritional supplementation for families of all ages, from babies right through to the elderly.



Bio-Strath is a 100% natural nutritional Swiss supplement that provides more than 60 nutrients our bodies require daily, in a perfect, easily absorbable form.



Easily absorbed with nutrients that include vitamins, minerals, building substances and amino acids. Let Bio-Strath do the work while you live your fullest life.





  • Supports memory and concentration during school, exams and work.
  • Assists with mental development.
  • Beneficial for children with ADD/ADHD.

Immune Support

  • Strengthens and supports immune system.
  • Counteracts stress.
  • Supports normal growth and development.


  • Helps to restore and/or maintain natural energy.
  • Promotes overall vitality & wellbeing.
  • Supports vitality during and after pregnancy.
  • Counteracts stress.


  • Assists with recovery during or after illness.
  • Supports recovery in athletes.
  • Assists with improving appetite during convalescence/recovery.


  • Increases stamina during intensive study and/or work or sport.
  • Provides stamina during sport or physical performance.
  • Counteracts fatigue.

My son is ADHD and was a very busy boy. My mom told me she heard about BIO-STRATH and that I must try it. It worked wonders! He got a boost in life, focussed more, and school was excellent.

My son, who is 8 years old has been using Bio-Strath for almost a year. Last year he was almost 6 weeks on a nebulizer to clear his chest after having multiple colds and sinus problems. Since using Bio-Strath he has not been on a nebulizer at all. Bio-Strath helped keep his immune system tip top and mommy’s pocket very happy!!

I am a high school teacher, and without Bio-Strath I would be a shipwreck. Bio-Strath comes as my lifesaver, not only do I have enough energy during the day, Bio-Strath brings out that “Super-Teacher” in me, and let’s not forget “Super-Mom” too!

My son has a very weak immune system and battles to concentrate. About 3 years ago we were told to try Bio-Strath and 3 years later we still use it. We have gone from seeing the doctor every 2 weeks to only seeing him a few times a year. It’s perfect for children with allergies as well!

I started a course of Bio-Strath, and slowly but surely my health and joie de vivre have returned. I feel tons better than I’ve been for the past couple of years (best of all, I feel about 10 years younger!). My concentration, digestion, quality of sleep and mood have also greatly improved.


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