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Bio-Strath is good for...

Bio-Strath Bare Necessities 100ml
Bio-Strath Elixir 200ml
Bio-Strath Elixir 200ml

Easily absorbed with nutrients that include vitamins, minerals, building substances and amino acids. Let Bio-Strath do the work while you live your fullest life.


Bio-Strath has been and remains the natural choice of nutritional supplementation for families of all ages, from babies right through to the elderly.


Bio-Strath is a 100% natural nutritional Swiss supplement that provides more than 60 nutrients our bodies require daily, in a perfect, easily absorbable form.

My son, who is 8 years old has been using Bio-Strath for almost a year. Last year he was almost 6 weeks on a nebulizer to clear his chest after having multiple colds and sinus problems. Since using Bio-Strath he has not been on a nebulizer at all. Bio-Strath helped keep his immune system tip top and mommy’s pocket very happy!!

Marian Spötta

My son is ADHD and was a very busy boy. My mom told me she heard about BIO-STRATH and that I must try it. It worked wonders! He got a boost in life, focussed more, and school was excellent.

Lana Hattingh Prinsloo

I am a high school teacher, and without Bio-Strath I would be a shipwreck. Bio-Strath comes as my lifesaver, not only do I have enough energy during the day, Bio-Strath brings out that “Super-Teacher” in me, and let’s not forget “Super-Mom” too!

Taryn Little

My son has a very weak immune system and battles to concentrate. About 3 years ago we were told to try Bio-Strath and 3 years later we still use it. We have gone from seeing the doctor every 2 weeks to only seeing him a few times a year. It’s perfect for children with allergies as well!

Kelly Jennings

I started a course of Bio-Strath, and slowly but surely my health and joie de vivre have returned. I feel tons better than I’ve been for the past couple of years (best of all, I feel about 10 years younger!). My concentration, digestion, quality of sleep and mood have also greatly improved.

Wendy Harper

More than 60 essential nutrients

Free from artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners

Preservative free and no GMO

Better absorption of nutrients