Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bio-Strath?

Bio-Strath is a well researched Swiss herbal nutritional supplement that provides more than 60 of the 100 different nutrients our bodies require daily, in a perfect form. Nutrients include vitamins, minerals, building substances and amino acids.

What nutrients does Bio-Strath contain?

Bio-Strath contains more than 60 essential nutrients. This inlcudes vitamins, minerals, amino acids, building substances, and trace elements.

The nutrients present in Bio-Strath are in biological equilibrium and are supplied in a natural manner to ensure optimum absorption. The individual nutrients are present in low quantities and are not available at the recommended daily doses (RDA).

How long can Bio-Strath be kept?

Storage life is five years, even when the bottle has been opened. Due to the special process through which Bio-Strath gets made it has a natural preservation capacity. The colour of the elixir might become slightly darker with time, but this has no impact on product.

How long should I take Bio-Strath for?

Recommended treatment is between 2-3 months. It can also be taken continuously (advisable) since overdosage is not possible.

How fast/quickly does Bio-Strath work?

Anything between a few hours and 2-3 days depending on the physical condition and as long as it is taken regularly. The worse the condition, the quicker and the better the response time will be noticed. Studies have shown that it is beneficial to take Bio-Strath for a longer time periods.

How does Bio-Strath affect the body?

Bio-Strath is a natural nutritional supplement of high quality, rich in essential nutrients. It has a strengthening and balancing effect on all bodily functions (homoeostasis). Bio-Strath works very well in cases of poor diet, overwork and less than optimum state of health.

What does Bio-Strath taste like?

The tablets have a neutral taste.

The elixir has a slightly sweet taste of yeast, malt and honey. The taste reflects the natural raw materials used to produce Bio-Strath. To keep Bio-Strath in its 100% natural form there is very few things that can be added to the product to alter the taste. A little bit of orange concentrate and honey has been added to give it a sweeter tasted.

My child is struggling with the taste of Bio-Strath elixir and I can’t give him/her tablets yet. What do I do?

We have a few tips for parents struggling to get their child to take Bio-Strath. Here are some helpful tips. They won’t even know it is there.

  1. Try mixing the elixir in his/her favourite juice or with milk. This masks the taste and get them to enjoy Bio-Strath.
  2. Add the required dosage to their morning cereal or yoghurt.
  3. If you enjoy smoothies for breakfast or during the day, add the required dosage together with your ingredients and blend well.
  4. Spoil your child with some lovely smoothie ice creams. Make up the smoothies, adding your Bio-Stath off course, freeze and enjoy!
What is the difference between the tablets and the elixir and which one is better to use?

Both preparations are based on the same plasmolysed herbal yeast and they have the same action. The tablets are suitable for diabetics and vegans, whereas the elixir (syrup) is not. Both have the same effectiveness.

Does Bio-Strath cause weight gain?

Not if sensible quantities of food are eaten with healthy snacks. Bio-Strath helps the body utilise food better and tend to stimulate the appetite.