Frequently asked questions about Bio-Strath

What is Bio-Strath?
Bio-Strath is a well researched Swiss herbal nutritional supplement that provides more than 60 of the 100 different nutrients our bodies require daily, in a perfect form. Nutrients include vitamins, minerals, building substances and amino acids.
How fast/quickly does Bio-Strath work?
Anything between a few hours and 2-3 days depending on the physical condition and as long as it is taken regularly. The worse the condition, the quicker and the better the response time will be noticed. Studies have shown that it is beneficial to take Bio-Strath for a fairly long period.
How does Bio-Strath affect the body?
Bio-Strath is a dietary supplement of high quality, rich in essential nutrients. It has a strengthening and balancing effect on all bodily functions (homeostasis). Bio-Strath works very well in cases of poor diet, overwork and less than optimum state of health.
How often does one need to take Bio-Strath?
Where one is experiencing good health: Take 2 to 3 tablets once a day or 5ml once a day.
Where one is not experiencing good health: Take 2 tablets 3 times a day or 5ml three times a day.
Does Bio-Strath have to be taken 3 times a day?
Where one is experiencing good health: Take 2 to 3 tablets once a day or 5 ml once a day to maintain good health. Where one is not experiencing good health: Take 2 tablets 3 times a day or 5 ml three times a day as this is where Bio-Strath’s optimum effect is felt.
Can Bio-Strath be taken together with medicines prescribed by the doctor?
Yes. Bio-Strath is a food supplement and not a medicine per se it has no drug interactions.
Does Bio-Strath have any side effects?
Bio-Strath is 100% natural with no known side effects. Diabetics are only able to use the tablets as the elixir contains malt and honey.
What is the difference between the tablets and the elixir and which one is better to use?
Both preparations are based on the same plasmolysed herbal yeast and they have the same action. The tablets are suitable for diabetics, whereas the elixir is not. Both have the same effectiveness.
How should I store my Bio-Strath tablets/elixir?
Tablets – you should store the tablets in a dry area away from sunlight.
Elixir – you can store the elixir in a cupboard at room temperature or in the fridge. When stored in the fridge you will get a more sticky golden liquid.
How long can Bio-Strath be kept?
Storage life is five years, even when the bottle has been opened. Due to the special process through which Bio-Strath gets made it has a natural preservation capacity. The colour of the elixir might become slightly darker with time, but this has no impact on product.
What does Bio-Strath taste like?
The tablets have a neutral taste. The elixir has a slightly sweet taste of yeast, malt and honey.
The taste reflects the natural raw materials used. Problems regarding the taste can be solved by adding fruit juice or milk.
My child is struggling with the taste of Bio-Strath elixir and I can’t give him/her tablets yet.
Try mixing the elixir in his/her favourite juice or with milk. This masks the taste and get them to enjoy Bio-Strath.
Does Bio-Strath cause weight gain?
Not if sensible quantities of food are eaten with no snacks. Bio-Strath helps the body utilise food better and tend to stimulate the appetite.
Is Bio-Strath suitable for diabetics?
Yes. Bio-Strath tablets are ideal for diabetics as they contain no sugar.
Can I give Bio-Strath to my baby/toddler?
Yes, Bio-Strath is suitable for people of all ages. For babies/toddlers we recommend Bio-Strath Barenecessities.
From what age can I start giving my child Bio-Strath?
You can start your child from as young as 1 month on Bio-Strath. We will recommend starting off with Bio-Strath Bare Necessities. This is available in a 100ml elixir.
I would like to ask if I can give my child Bio-Strath together with other vitamins/supplements?
Yes you can. Bio-Strath improves the absorption of other nutrients, such as Omega-3, iron and other vitamins and minerals from food.
Can Bio-Strath help me (or my child) with concentration problems?
Yes, Bio-Strath contains important building substances that help your brain not only with memory and concentration but also with recalling important information. In order for you to concentrate your brain needs “food” that’s vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and building substance in the correct balance and ratio. Bio-Strath offers you all of the above in a 100% natural way.
Will it keep me/my child awake at night?
Bio-Strath does not contain any added sugar therefore it will not cause any hyperactivity before bed time. One of the benefits of Bio-Strath is that it restores order and balance to the body.
Can Bio-Strath be taken along with Omegas and other vitamins?
Bio-Strath contains more than 60 nutrients your body needs to operate at its best all day long. If you are looking for a daily nutritional supplement Bio-Strath is sufficient on its own. If you however need to take a specific supplement like iron, Vitamin B, etc., you can add Bio-Strath to your basket and take them together.

Bio-Strath does not contain any Omegas so you can add an Omega supplement with Bio-Strath. This is the perfect combination for increased focus and concentration during exam times.

Will Bio-Strath be able to help my child suffering with ADHD/ADD?
If your child is already on any medication for ADHD we recommend adding Bio-Strath to their treatment. Bio-Strath is a very good compliment to the medication as it will assist with stimulating their appetite (as appetite normally disappears with the medication), increase their vitality and just overall support their health. If your child is not on any medication and you want to explore a natural treatment route, we recommend that you start off with Bio-Strath and give it according to the dosage instructions.

Use Bio-Strath for two to three months and see if you notice any differences. If so, you can continue, but if it is not working, explore other alternative products or contact a health care practitioner. Bio-Strath has been proven beneficial for children with ADD/ADHD and we have many anecdotal testimonials of successful treatment of ADHD with Bio-Strath, but it is important to remember that not all products work the same for all people.

How long in advance do I need to start taking Bio-Strath for support during exams?
It is recommended to start using Bio-Strath at least 3 months prior to starting exams. Please remember for the best results, Bio-Strath must be taken 3x daily.
What is the difference between Bio-Strath Bare Necessities and Bio-Strath elixir?
Bio-Strath Bare Necessities and regular Bio-Strath is exactly the same product. The only difference is in the dosage instructions. Bare Necessities indicates dosage instructions from 0 – 6 years, whereas Bio-Strath indicates dosage instructions from 6 – 12 years and adults. Bare Necessities is also just in elixir form as it is an easier format to give to children, whereas regular Bio-Strath comes in both elixir and tablet form.
Can someone with TB/HIV/Cancer use Bio-Strath?
Bio-Strath helps to restore and balance the body. Bio-Strath has been proven to help with recovery from illness by reducing fatigue, restoring appetite and improving general well-being and energy levels. It is also safe to use in combination with prescription medicines and has no long term side effects.
Can athletes take Bio-Strath safely before and during a performance trial?
Yes, it is completely natural and free of synthetically produced substances, and contains no doping agents. Bio-Strath also promotes rapid recovery after performance and intense training periods.
Where can I buy Bio-Strath?
Bio-Strath can be found at any Pharmacy and selected Health shops. More specifically you can find it at Dischem, Clicks, Apha Pharm and Pick n Pay pharmacies.
How much does Bio-Strath cost?
Since a variety of sizes are available, we suggest you contact your nearest pharmacy or health store for a price
Could Bio-Strath cause a yeast infection?
Bio-Strath is “good” yeast and the good yeast cannot cause the bad yeast (Candida Albicans) to grow. Bio-Strath strengthens the Immune System and that is important for people suffering with Candida Albicans.
Does Bio-strath make me pick up weight?
Bio-Strath brings order and balance to the body. Although Bio-Strath can assist in correcting your appetite (if you do struggle with a decreased/varying appetite), it will not lead or cause weight gain.