In 2017, Sara started high school and was in real danger of failing the year due to some really poor results. She was below average and did not achieve the minimum requirements to pass the first and second term. I immediately took action and started her on Bio Strath to improve her memory, concentration and mental stamina.

In the third term her marks improved tremendously:

  • Afrikaans 37% (from 28% to 65%),
  • Creative Art 20% (from 70% to 90%),
  • EMS 37% (from 54% to 91%),
  • Natural Sciences 22% (from 50% to 72%),
  • Social Sciences 39% (from 28% to 67%),
  • Average 19% (from 58% to 77%).

She continued using Bio Strath and maintained her results in grade 9 in 2018 and in grade 10 in 2019. In addition to her improved school marks, Sara also excelled in the 2018 Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Challenge where she placed second and won an all expenses paid trip to Silicon Valley, San Francisco. She competed against more than 8000 high school students from 600 schools around South Africa. The 6 week challenge was gruelling and draining but she persevered with a little help from Bio Strath.

Despite the intense nature of the challenges and being completely out of her comfort zone, she remained calm and focused throughout the 6 week period and ultimately reached her goal. Sara was also one of five students chosen to pitch her business idea to a panel of investors at the Innovation Summit in Cape Town where she placed second and received R10 000 to start her business.

Thank you Bio Strath for helping.

Dr. Shirin Vawda

Uitenhage, Eastern Cape

When my eldest son failed Gr.6 my wife’s friend suggested Bio-Strath hence it help her son with keeping focused and his behavior.

In 2018 my entire family started using the product. For my wife and myself we are using the Bio Strath Daily Wellbeing & Vitality tabs and our boys the Bio-Strath’s Daily Wellbeing & Vitality for Tots & Toddlers and the Bio Strath Elixir Syrup. Last year our 6 year old went to big school, Gr. 1 and he passed with flying colors. 7’s all around. My eldest son really showed improvement from the 1st term and he progressed to Gr.7.

They are both more focused and attention and concentration. We have them in a after school class and the teachers there continuously gives us positive feedback ever since the kids started using Bio-strath. We have also noticed that they are less sick since then also, so school attendance has also improved. My wife decided to also go back to school and complete her Business Management studies in 2017(that’s when she started using the product). The 1st exam was not her best, she did pass the subjects but she felt like she would have done better.

So since we began the Bio-strat living, her last exam she passed with 5 distinctions. She was more focused during her studies and her memory was better as a result. I work in IT and my days a hectic but I have not since we started felt overwhelmed or felt like I’m not at my best. It helps me fight exhaustion and also with recalling important information.

Mr. Kevin Greef

Ennerdale, Gauteng

My story with Bio-Strath began in 2015.

My daughter Olivia is 12 years old and currently in grade 7. In grade 1 she achieved three 5’s (60-69%) and one 6 (70-79%) in her four subjects. Towards the end of grade 2 (2015) I decided to give Bio-Strath a try to improve her marks. Since then her results began to improve. For four consecutive years (grade 3- 6) she was top student in her grade. She also received the dux award in grade 6. Her results are excellent and have remained consistent.

Bio-Strath has helped with her concentration and memory. Bio-Strath has helped keep her immune system strong, I cannot remember when last she has had a cold or flu. Olivia is creative, happy, healthy and full of energy. This amazing product will be a part of her High School career and beyond. I know for a fact that with the help of Bio-Strath she will continue to shine and make me the proudest mommy out there.

Mrs. Ginna Maio

Pretoria, Gauteng

My daughter Abigail started school at 3 and half years old. At around 4 we knew Abigail was very Hyper active and had sensory issues. Abigail also picked up every bug that was around because she has RSV at 11 months old. At around 4 and half years old the Doctor told me to put her on Bio – Strath. So we did and after a few weeks she was a happy, healthy and concentrating child.

She is now almost 8 years old as just as happy with the results. Us as parents are truly grateful that Bio-Strath was suggested to us and we are grateful to Bio-Strath for making such an amazing product!!!!


This product is a life saver I was called almost every week at school as my son couldn’t concentrate and focus in class was advised to take my son to educational therapist I couldn’t afford the teacher advice me to use Bio-Strath that was in 2016 till today he is in grade 5 now my daughter is thriving in grade 1 what I also love about this product is really affordable. Bio-Strath is a life style I’m in love with it with lot of stress these days i was turning to forget most of the things and becoming grumpy and this was affecting the help that i got from Bio-Strath with my kids then i started using it myself believe me i am back to my old self and better.

Thank you Bio-Strath for brain food.


Rickus Payne is a grade 6 learner this year.

I have started to use Bio-Strath for 3 years now! He struggled a bit at the beginning of grade 4. I have seen a advertising of Bio-Strath on Facebook! I immediately bought some Bio-Strath. Wow I don’t regret my action for one moment! In a grade with more than 40 kids, Rickus is second with his good marks!! He would not be able to do this without Bio-Strath to support him, I have to mention that he is a healthy boy who only got sick one time last year with n tummy- bug! One day of not going to school, his teacher and class mate’s all wondered where Rickus was, because he’d never missed one day during the year!

So thank you so much Bio-Strath, we would not be able to do this without You!!

Mrs. Magriet Payne

Christiana, North West

Where do I start. My son had trouble learning since day one. His normal maths was a challenge as well as reading, his school work was just not going well at all and we realized something must be wrong but we pushed him anyway, not realizing how difficult it was for him. we did not understand at the time how learning disabilities were affecting him. He did not pass grade one the first time. We decided to take him t the doctors for tests, and he did in fact have a learning disability.

Once we understood what he is going through we started to try to do things differently, He was not like the rest of the kids in his class. With recommendation from the doctor we put him in a private school, not that we can afford it, but we have cut back on so many things so we are able to pay for his school fees. We saw the Bio strath add on television and decided to give it a try.

I am happy to report that my son is doing so much better, his concentration level is so much better, his problem solving has improved and homework is so much better, he is starting to read wich is so wonderful, we are so proud of him. We could not have done this without bio strath!!! It has changed my son s life as well as ours.


Ever since my son started school, we had issues from waking up in the morning, to eating his food and concentration level at school. It was absolutely hard especially for me as a working mum, i had to visit the teacher on numerous occasions, it became emotional tiring, she also suggested I take him to a pediatrician, but before i could go to the extreme, i was given expert advice and was told that bio-strath would help my child.

So i tried this and after 1 week i noticed a difference, he started eating properly in the mornings – to finishing his lunch , “No more vomiting”. No messages and complaints from school. He started getting enough energy and he would not get tired and sleep during lessons. He would finish his lunch, and the best part was his lever of concentration improved. I was so excited to see my son happy again, Bio-strath gives him all the vitamins he requires to keep him going for the day. Its important to give you child a supplement due to their immune system being weak and it’s still developing.

Thank you Bio-strath for helping all the kids out there and for helping me when i was pregnant, i knew my baby was getting his fair dosage of this golden syrup.


My son, who is 8 years old has been using Bio-Strath for almost a year. Last year he was almost 6 weeks on a nebulizer to clear his chest after having multiple colds and sinus problems. Since using Bio-Strath he has not been on a nebulizer at all. Bio-Strath helped keep his immune system tip top and mommy’s pocket very happy!!
Marian Spötta

I started a course of Bio-Strath, and slowly but surely my health and joie de vivre have returned. I feel tons better than I’ve been for the past couple of years (best of all, I feel about 10 years younger!). My concentration, digestion, quality of sleep have also improved.
Wendy Harper

My son has a very weak immune system and battles to concentrate. About 3 years ago we were told to try Bio-Strath and 3 years later we still use it. We have gone from seeing the doctor every 2 weeks to only seeing him a few times a year. It’s perfect for children with allergies as well!
Kelly Jennings

I am a high school teacher, and without Bio-Strath I would be a shipwreck. Bio-Strath comes as my lifesaver, not only do I have enough energy during the day, Bio-Strath brings out that “Super-Teacher” in me, and let’s not forget “Super-Mom” too!
Taryn Little

I want to tell you how good BIO-STRATH is for my child. My son is ADHD and was a very busy boy. The school where he was in called me and told me that I must give him Ritalin. After a few weeks my son was too quiet, stared a lot and did nothing. I stopped the Ritalin immediately and they moved my son out of the school and put him in a school for special needs children. My heart was broken and I cried a lot. A friend of mine said I must give him Conserta, which I tried and it worked but I could not afford it (I am a single parent as his father died when my son was just 5 years old ).

My mom told me she heard about BIO-STRATH and that I must try it. It worked wonders! He got a boost in life, focussed more, and school was excellent. His points improved and today he is one of the best learners in class. If it wasn’t for BIO-STRATH I don’t know what I would have done.


Lana Hattingh Prinsloo

I was working full time and studying part time and wondered how am I going to do this. Exhausted after a long day’s work, having to concentrate in class after work, coping with exams,tests and assignments …not to mention work stress. BUT i started using Bio Strath and i felt alive, full of energy, my concentration levels increase and i did well in school…. i passed with distinctions in 6 of my subjects… all due to dedication, hard work and BioStrath

Carla Cjay-Jonkers

I am a vegetarian after having been so sick and low ion where blood was needed i started taking bio-strath, more than 15 years on the product and im as healthy than ever. Tnx to bio-strath which is a necessity not an option.

Rashree Sivanannan

My little girl of 2 years just started play school. She suffers from anxiety and was struggling with the new environment. She was emotional and was not eating at school. My mother in law suggested I try Bio Strath. Wow as soon as I gave it to her there was a huge improvement. She now loves school and loves lunch time. She has only been in school for 3 weeks. We amazed.
Roxie Carman Makka

I was working full time and studying part time and wondered how am I going to do this. Exhausted after a long day’s work, having to concentrate in class after work, coping with exams,tests and assignments …not to mention work stress. BUT i started using Bio Strath and i felt alive, full of energy, my concentration levels increase and i did well in school…. i passed with distinctions in 6 of my subjects… all due to dedication, hard work and BioStrath
Bobby Ramdhas

I believe in herbal and all natural products. Especially when it comes to my children. My child was overwhelmed with her new Grade and the amount of homework she was given. She just couldn’t cope. I did a lot of research looking for a product that can help with concentration and helping her pull through her day of school and still after studies and extra murual lesson. I spoke to the pharmacy as well and they highly recommended Biostrath for my 10 year old and 5 year old. She been taking it daily from last year and I see such a huge improvement in my two girls. Even in swimming, they are more active outdoors as well and concentration span is like 80% better. I belive in this product and will continue to use it.
Leo Nazarene

My son has a learning disability and my mom recommended Bio-Strath, BEST advice ever! Not only did it improve his consentration but also took care of his anxiety at school. He is asthmatic and prone to chest infections.

He hasn’t been hospitalized in 3 years since using Bio-Strath, it’s a God sent. I also started giving it to my 5 year old who has a loss of appetite and sleeping disturbance, our nights are calmer now and she eats healthy. My energy levels are up and it has improved my mood. I love Bio-Strath and would recommend it to all.

My family depends on their daily dose!

Cheri Lotriet

I’ve been wanting to write for a few months now, but it seems the longer I wait, the more I have to write about.

We’ve been using Biostrath for probably more than two years now. And it’s wonderful. I’m not scared to tell you we used Centrum and Pharmaton before that, for many years, but never had the results we do now.

Our general health is exceptionally good. We haven’t been ill in a really long time, no yearly flu or colds.

I used to get sinus infections so bad that I would be in bed for a week with fever and just feeling absolutely terrible. I’m an artist and more recently realised that the turpentine is also a trigger for sinus infections. There’s always a warning sign, a funny feeling on the right side of my face, then I know what’s coming. When we first started using Biostrath, and I got this feeling, I decided to just up the daily dosage and see what happens. I’m very happy to tell you, every time I thought a severe infection was on its way, Biostrath has strengthened my immune system and kept me in good health.

I also used to get sores or ulcers in my mouth quite regularly, but haven’t had those in ages. When i did get one two weeks ago, I decided to take the tablets 3 times a day instead of once. And I didn’t have to get any other medication. A week later, and the ulcer was just about healed.

I’ve also used the Boldocynara and Nephrosolid, because I’ve had those pins and needles in my heels every morning since I was a teenager (and I’ll be 34 soon). I’m just not sure which one is the right one to use and for what length of time?

Thank you for wonderful products made of all the stuff the Lord has already provided. We really appreciate the change it has made in our every day life.

Much blessings to you and the company!

Adele Coetzee

My true experience started on the 19 December 2014 when my son met with an accident. At first glance it seemed like a minor accident but after 24 hours his condition changed drastically.

After a series of horrifying incidents he was transferred to Albert Luthuli for an emergency brain operation. Blood and fluids had built up in his brain putting him in a critical and life threatening state. You can only imagine what that can do to a family.

But with Gods blessings his operation was a success but we were advised by the surgeonsthat because of the trauma to his brain he would be disabled mentally if not physically. But after 2 weeks in a coma he awoke with us expecting the worst.

Once he was transferred to back to our local hospital he was literally a baby. Our worst fears were confirmed. HE WAS NOT WALKING OR TALKING. Never giving up I started him on BIOSTRATH immediately. He was unaware of what was going on & used to just screaming for no reason.

Perseverance and BIOSTRATH was my only hope and it paid off. We visited him every day and I used to give him 2 two spoons every visiting hour. Actually after a few days he started to show improvement and this had nothing to do with his treatment at the hospital. Once he got home i gave him biostrath and concentration formula to calm him down and give him focus.

Ten months down the line my son is on his feet and back to normal contrary to what we were told. It’s a miracle, it’s my BIOSTRATH miracle.

Thanks to BIOSTRATH he made an amazing recovery. Thank you Estie for introducing us to such a wonderfull product and my heartfelt thanks to BIOSTRATH, it literally saved my sons life.

MRS Bobby Ramdhas

Bobby Ramdhas

My son who was diagnosed with stage 3 nephroblastoma ( Wilms tumor ) cancer of the right kidney at the age of 5 years had to have major surgery to remove his right kidney with the tumor weighing 395g. He then had to endure 8 months of chemotherapy and 6 days of radiation of which made him very ill also he had weekly chemotherapy. But with Bio Strath he was ok…His bloods counts was always ok and he never got infections as chemotherapy and radiation kills your immunity. Bio Strath really really helped him….He is now in remission Praise God and is healthy Thank you Bio Strath

Tamsyn Keswell

I was introduced to Biostrath in 2006 when I was doing a palliative care course. I decided to give it a try so I could then be able to give my patients an account of my experience. it was bye-bye tiredness and hello energy!!!! My mood improved as well as my concentration. Many of my cancer patients started using it and the effects were amazing on them. I now highly recommend this product!

Lorelle van der Merwe

It’s not my story but my little girl’s. In August she caught Scarlet fever from a boy in her creche. She had it much worse than she should have, coz even though I was aware of the fact that she could get it and took her to the doctor as soon as I saw the rash appear the locum on duty that day (weekend) misdiagnosed it, said it was just a throat infection and gave the wrong antibiotics.

And of course because it was a “doctor” i believed her! 3 days later my poor child didn’t want to eat, drink or even get up!! So i rushed her to the hospital where she was admitted for dehydration and…… scarlet fever!!! My poor baby was in hospital for two nights frown emoticon then her whole body started peeling….

After that she just wouldn’t get better, was pale and not quite right.

She got tonsillitis a few weeks after that, had to go on antibiotics again!! (From a child that had NEVER had any antibiotics) after that my sister in law’s (brothers wife) parents bought me biostrath to give to her….. it worked like a bomb!!! Very soo she was back to her usual self, and i am so happy, and grateful for that, thank you!!

Natasha Palvie


Ek kan nie anders as om julle te vertel van hierdie wondermiddel BIO STRATH en hoe dit my lewe verander het nie!

Ek is lief vir die natuur en sodoende sal ek ook 100% natuurlike produkte kies om te gebruik. Met die luister van RSG is ek bekend gestel aan S.A. NATURAL produkte en toe ek laas jaar my naam op ‘n lys sit om in die Drakensberge te gaan stap, het ek vir my my voorraad BIO STRATH gaan aankoop. Ek wou optimale vitamiene, minerale en nutriente inneem wat my liggaam natuurlik kan absorber – en daarom het my keuse geval op BIO STRATH.

Ek het dadelik begin drink aan my BIO STRATH asook regdeur my staptog wat 5 dae geduur het en die resultaat was: ek kon flink en vrolik met baie energie loop en die roete voltooi ten spyte van die erge hitte en styltes wat ons moes uitklim en klouter. Dit is belangrik om op ‘n staptog positief te kan bly en om terselfdertyd genoeg krag oor te hê om alles te kan geniet en nog humorsin ook oor te hê aan die einde van ‘n dag se stap.

Danksy my BIO STRATH kon ek dit doen met ‘n bree glimlag!! Ek is net nooit sonder my BIO STRATH nie. BAIE DANKIE S.A. NATURAL en RSG vir die bekendstelling en die manier waarop julle ons op hoogte hou van die beste!


Amelia Vos

I was on antidepressants and energy supplements for most of my life. Without these products I just would not have coped. About 4 years ago I started taking Biostrath and saw great improvement in my anxiety, depression and lethargy. Slowly my doctors reduced my medications until I was now only taking medications as needed, every other day.

When I fell pregnant I completely stopped the medications. I now have two healthy, beautiful babies, I am a single mom, I run a business from home and do charity / animal rescue work in between. I still have moments where I look at my life and cannot believe how much has changed and how well I have coped… Without Biostrath I’d be a wreck! But here I am, work done, babies sleeping soundly, dog rescued, dishes done, laundry done, chilling on Facebook because I can! Biostrath gave me back my life.

Juanita Reynen

My name is Nerisha and I’m from Mariannhill, I just want to say a BIG BIG THANK YOU!!!!! for convincing me, as a listener of Lotus FM, to try Bio-Strath on my children.

I have 2 boys aged 6 and 12 and they both have been telling me, mum pls get us Bio-Strath cos our friends are all having it and I wanna try it ….. so I listen to them and then hear YOU on the radio and say … ok … my babies could be right….. so I go out and get it for them and guess what ….. they luv it….. and its actually helping them improve in school so well.

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart Estie. This is one product that I will never stop buying.

Kind Regards

Nerisha Shunkumar

Dearest Estie,

Listening to you for the past 7 months, now that I am a stay at home “mom”. I decided to respond to your call for listeners views of your products. One week before Christmas of 2008 I lost my mom & decided to stay home to be with my kids as my job as an educator was very stressful. With both my parents being late, I realized I need to be closer to my 2 lovely kids, Juanita 17 and Jovan 12.

At the beginning of 2009 school year I started  both my kids on Bio-Strath Elixir just to supplement their energy levels and give them a sense of well being after our traumatic start to the new year. My daughter in her matric year has more energy than she did in Grade 11 with late night studying, homework etc. & ,my son was a very playful 11 year, is now more focused on his Grade 7 year in school.

They both have always excelled in school academically, but now have energy to do so much more & stay focused. Jovan’s into karate and Juanita is more than ready to handle Grade 12 extra tuitions over Sat & Sun & still be a very loving, caring teenager who still helps me with household chores.

Thank you Estie, very much for introducing us to this wonderful “Brain Food” during crucial time in my life as well as the lives of my most precious angels-my children!

Thank you – God Bless

Anita Maharaj

I am 46 years old and my hubby Mark and I have been married for 22 years. We have 2 darling daughters; Michelle was born on my birthday, being 22nd January. She is now 21 years old and my youngest daughter Pauline is 14 years old.

I have been taking Bio-Strath for 2 years now and can testify that without this wonder supplement I could not cope with the day to day life.

I was often tired, forgetful even but since taking Bio-Strath I am no longer exhausted. My memory is improving too. Above all, I cannot recall when last I was ill.

Bio-Strath had definitely improved my immunity. I live each day to the fullest, enjoying every aspect.

My motto is Life is to be lived, so LIVE IT !!

Kind Regards

Sharon Lloyd

Ons teel met papegaaie en het ‘n wyfie gekry vir ‘n mannetjie wat alleen was. Ons kom toe agter dat sy mak is en lekker praat.

Sy het baie swaar gekry is die buite hokke, toe neem ons haar maar in die huis in. Ons ken glad nie haar agtergrond nie maar vermoed dat sy in ‘n “workshop” omgewing tussen mannne was, sy praat net met mansstem en bestel goed telefonies. Kan duidelik hoor sy praat oor die foon, en gee ook opdragte “as jy klaar is pak daardie goed opmekaar”. Maar haar dieet was swak en ek glo sy het saam met die manne “gedrink. Sy raak vreeeeeeslik opgewonde as sy ‘n glas met donker iets sien,”brandy&coke????” Haar veerkwaliteit was baie swak en lelik, lyk of dit gehark was.

Toe kry ons die raad van Bio-Strath. Nou kry sy elke aand paar druppels op haar pap, eet ook nie die pap daarsonder nie. Sy is nou besig met haar 3de bottel. Haar vere lyk al so mooi en haar ogies mooi lewendig en blink.

Alta van Rensburg

Hello Estie

I would like to share my personal experience regarding the use and benefits of Bio-Strath with my family. Firstly, I heard about Bio-Strath on the Lotus FM program and told my children about the product and that they should look into it for their own use. My son thereafter did some research on the product and was very impressed with the results that he found about via the internet and more especially so with the benefits that it has had worldwide on kids, as he had just become a father himself. My son audits the food industry and is also a qualified complementary therapist specializing in herbal/natural products to enhance the treatment of his clientele.

Around this time my son was in the process of emigrating to New Zealand and his baby was getting the cold and flu very often and as the time was getting closer to leave the country, we all were getting concerned as we were told about the horror stories about flying over long distances with a baby that has cold or flu. At one point, they were even told that if the child is not better, they should consider postponing the trip as the mucus congestion would cause pain in the ear canal during the flight. Apart from the fact that he takes it himself, he started giving the infant the “Bare Nessesities” Bio-Strath when he was just over a year old. As you know, getting kids to swallow something that resembles any form of medicine is a tall order. The good part of Bio-Strath is that it tastes reasonably pleasant and what he did was that, he would put the recommended dosage in a miniature cup and add 2 tablespoons of water and call it “juice”! So, to the little one, he was getting his “juice” every morning, come rain and shine. From this point on, the child’s resistance to common colds was astounding and his cognitive functions and alertness to stimulus was becoming obviously better to everyone around.

Fortunately the flight went perfectly, thanks to the good works of Bio-Strath, both to my son and grandson, who were in fine health all the way despite all the people sniffles on the plane. After about two months from the time my son and his family had left the country, I called them up in New Zealand to ask them how they were doing and if they needed anything because a relative was flying to New Zealand in the coming weeks. Well, firstly it was very surprising that despite the horribly cold conditions that they were enduring, non of them were sick and the only request I got was to send over a few bottles of Bio-Strath, so that it would last for a couple of months as they were not taking any other supplements.

As requested, I sent up the “stock”, which they received and used gladly and my son who used to work in temperatures of minus 10 degrees in New Zealand, never once got the cold and yet when he was in SA, he used to be at the Doctor’s surgery at least 5 times a year with a wet nose despite our very mild weather. So a definite clear indication that Bio-Strath and a stronger immunity exists if taken frequently. As fate would have it, my son and his family moved back to South Africa as the 1st world country did not live up to their expectations. Well nothing has changed, my grandson is over 2 years old and is still having his “juice” every single morning, which he now asks for by himself and gulps it down in one go before he has his cereal. Just recently, my daughter-in-law has really bad flu and had to go to the doc to get antibiotics and the usual treatment and even though she carried the baby and made him sleep, he did not get sick which was remarkable.

Before I go, just want to share one more incident with you, my granddaughter is in Grade 9 and she is a very talented athlete. She has represented her school and region in athletics at various levels and when we went to cheer her on during one of the race-meetings, I noticed a parent who was sitting close to us giving their child Bio-Strath. Well, it wasn’t long after that my granddaughter was on it as well because the competition was taking it!!!

Anyway, this is my story, I hope it will help other’s out there who are still skeptical about the benefits of Bio-Strath

Yours Sincerely

Baba Naidoo

Dear Sir / Madam,

I wish I had the time to give you full back ground on our story but time at work is limited. I do however want to say WOW BIO-STRATH!!! My 11 year old daughter has Pulmonary Hypertension and heart problems. Her medication a day consists of oxygen, Rivatio and Lasix. These patients suffer from cramps (alover the body) fatigue, blue lips, shortness of breath etc etc etc. As a widow mom I am unable to always support my kids with what they need and we dont have medical aid.

Leonique has had several set backs the last couple of months, and as this in incurable, we try to stay positive and cheer her up as much as we can. Someone introduced us to Bio Strath… and WOWOWOWOWOWOW… the difference is “Lolla” is something I cannot describe. As I sit and write this email my eyes fill with tears. there are no words describing the thanks I’d like to give. Her before and after… or before and during is AMAZING.

From the bottom of our hearts…. Bio Strath… You help our family breath easy.

Kind regards,

Theresa Chatwind

When my son wad four years old, he was scheduled to undergo a laryngeotracheoplasty surgery.

He became ill and we panicked as the operation had been scheduled far in advance and the wait for a new date could take forever. My boss at that time, recommended biostrath.

Boy, did it help to build up our little one! He has been tracheostomy free for close on 9 years.

Lameez Damon

Ek is die trotse ma van twee. My seun is 14 en in gr 8, n goeie presteerdertjie met n hart van goud.

My popmooi, Krulkop meisiekind is 11 en in gr 5 , en seker soos met alle ma’s, is my kinders my rykdom en my lewe en wil ek en my man net die beste vir hulle hê. Toe my dogterjie in gr 3 was het ons begin agterkom dat sy sukkel met konsentrasie. Sy kon nie vir lang tye konsentreer nie en het gesukkel om n opdrag te voltooi. Dit was dan ook n groot probleem wanneer sy moes toetse en eksamens skryf. Ons het haar na n arbeidsterapeut asook n opvoedkundige sielkundige geneem vir evaluering. Beide veslae het getoon dat Liané nie ADHD het nie m.a.w sy is nie aandagafleibaar nie maar dat sy wel sukkel met konsentrasie. In die sielkundige verslag is aangedui dat sy n bogemiddelde IK het en dat sy n aanleg vir wiskunde het, maar die punte het n ander storie vertel en sussie het bly sukkel. Dit het n negatiewe effek op haar selfbeeld gehad en sy het geglo dat sy dom is en dat sy glad nie wiskunde kan doen nie.

Ek was moedeloos, in my werk is ek baie op die pad en my radio is permanent ingeskakel op RSG. Op n dag hoor ek vir Estie van SA Natural products praat oor Bio-Strath, dat dit voeding vir die brein is en kan kinders help met konsentrasie ek het sommer dadelik by die naaste apteek gestop en n pakkie Bio-Strath gekoop.

Na 3 maande het ons die soet vrugte begin pluk. Wat n groot vreugde was dit toe ons haar skoolrapport die einde van die tweede kwartaal by die skool gaan afhaal het. Sussie het met n allemuntige 20% in wiskunde gestyg van 65% na 85% dus ongelooflik!!! Haar gemiddeld het ook met 5% Opgegaan (aangeheg is haar rapport) en by dit alles is sy deur die Departement geidentifiseer as die enigste kind in Gr5, in haar skool, om deel te neem in Suduko in die wiskunde olimpiade. My meisiekind is n ander kind sy glo weer in haar self, haar seffbeeld het verbeter, sy lag weer spontaan en die goeie punte inspireer haar om net harder te werk.

Dankie Bio-Strath, Dankie SA Natural Products en Dankie RSG Ons is dankbaar dat julle n natuurlike produk soos Bio-Strath my kind kon, en nog steeds elek dag help. Met Bio-Strath kan my meisiekind nou presteer volgens haar vermoeë en haar hoogste potensiaal bereik.

Lizelle Greyvenstein

Igama lami nginguSweleni Mngomezulu ngihlala eMandeni. Ngithi angibonge kwabakwa Bio-Strath, ngemiphumela engiyibonayo emva kokuyisebenzisa.

Benginenkinga Yobuhlungu bomzimba wami wonkeuma ngivuka ekuseni kube ngathi ngikhandwe ngamatshe ngezwa bekhuluma okhozini ngavuka ngayoyithenga engebhodlela elincane ngayoyisebenzisa emuva kwezinsuku ezintathu ngaba umqemane ngabona nobuso bami bubuyela esikhumbeni sami cause ngabe sengibuyela ekhemis ngayo thenga 500 ml ayi sengivele ngabuyela emasisweningibe sengicabanga umama wami ohlushwa isifo sika shukela naye ukhala ngobuhlungu bomzimba ngamthengela engamaphilisi awu 60 phakathi uthi abangiyeke ngiyakwazi ukuvusa amathambo ka Hezekie wasebhaybhelini ungumqemane naye umaMkhize Njalo ngenyanga ngiyamthengela ngimphathisele ezimotweni cause ngise Mandeni yena uSeshowe.

Siyabonga kwa Bio-Strath no Khozi olwenze sayazi.


My name is Sweleni Mngomezulu from e Mandeni. I want to give compliments on Bio-Strath after I used it.

I had a painful body always when I wake I use to feel pains like someone stoned me. I heard about Bio-strath on uKhozi FM, same time I I went to buy a little Bio-Strath, after three days I feel so much different, my body was right, no pains. Even my complexion changed, because my face was so dark, then I went to buy a 500ml Bio-Strath.

My mom had a painful body because of diabetes after that then I bought her Bio-Strath tablets after that she said “wow” my girl you like Hezekiah in the Bible who brought dead bones back into life, now she’s right she don’t have pains. Each and every month I use to buy her Bio-Strath tablets and send them to her because she stays at Eshowe and I stay at Mandeni. I want to say your product is so good and important by bringing back life to those who are feeling sick, now I wish that everybody is to try this Bio-Strath.

I thank Ukhozi who make us know about Bio-Strath.

Sweleni Mngomezulu