Healthy baby, happy mom

Bio-Strath understands that as a mom, your first priority is to keep your baby, happy and healthy; but there is so much more to a baby’s development than just learning to walk, talk and play. The immune system is vital to their development and doesn’t mature until he or she reaches 3 months. Even then, the immune system is not strong enough to fight off common baby illnesses like colds, colic and others they vulnerable too. Nutritional support plays a vital role in keeping your baby’s immune system strong and healthy.

It can be a challenge to ensure your baby is getting all the nutrients they need. Bio-Strath is the ideal nutritional supplement with it’s all natural, easily absorbed nutrients that help support your little one’s immune system. Adding Bio-Strath to your baby’s daily diet will help your baby to absorb natural nutrients their body can easily recognise and use. This is why it’s important to introduce Bio-Strath to your baby at an early age, and it’s never too early. With more than 60 essential nutrients, Bio-Strath is the natural supplement you can rely on as a complete and natural choice.

Incorporating Bio-Strath into your baby’s diet is as easy as one, two three! Here are our tips for staying healthy during winter:

  • Bio-Strath is completely safe to use if you are breastfeeding and is highly beneficial to you and your baby
  • Simply dip your baby’s dummy into Bio-Strath Bare Necessities syrup, and give it to your baby daily. Learn more about the correct dosage
  • If your baby is starting on solids, simply add Bio-Strath to their food/puree. Remember that it should not be heated – add Bio-Strath to the food just before feeding your baby.

Bio-Strath is a great choice for the entire family.