Listen and achieve

FACT – music engages the parts of the brain that control your stress levels, attention span, your ability to make predictions, and your capacity to retain information.

Here are a few tips on how to use music to ease the stress for everyone in the family and to promote healthy studying habits for your little ones. Remember, music alone won’t do the trick, Bio-Strath is proven to help feed your brain, further improving concentration. Together, Bio-Strath and music can de-stress, energise and further increase focus, naturally!

1: Make use of the Mozart Effect.

The Mozart Effect is a brief enhancement of spatial-temporal abilities (increased complex problem solving skills using their imagination) in students after listening to a Mozart piano sonata. Researchers have found that students’ performance on spatial reasoning tasks improve after they have listened to Mozart’s sonata compared to other conditions.

2: Make the right musical choices

With music having a proven effect on the brain, it’s all about making the right musical choices. Here are some key considerations you need to make about the music you choose to listen to when studying.

ENCOURAGE – a deep sense of calm and concentration, helping to clear your thoughts by listening to slow repetitive rhythms that are not interrupted by voices.

NO DISTRACTIONS – Try to avoid music with distracting beats and lyrics that you might want to sing along to. White noise and ambient sound has been proven to assist in deepening focus and concentration.

ENERGIZE – Switch to upbeat music during breaks. Changing the mood after intense studying and work sessions is important!

CHOOSE THE RIGHT TEMPO – A great tool to use when judging what music to listen to whilst studying is bpm (beats per minute). Research has shown that it should ideally sit between be 50 – 80 bpm.

3: Take Bio-Strath

An optimal study environment and controlled music is just one way you can help your child during exam time. When your child needs further improved focus, concentration and memory recall, look no further than Bio-Strath. Clinical studies have shown that learners treated with Bio-Strath for 10 weeks experienced significant improvement in arithmetic & language ability attributed to improved concentration, endurance and memory (Neukomm 1968). Support your family through the exam period with the right study-environment through music, but Bio-Strath to help further improve their memory recall, focus and concentration.