Make every second count

Bio-Strath can assist your entire family in improving their nutrition, as well as increasing concentration and focus. There are, however, few things that you can coach your child on to further boost their confidence and maintain structure during exam time.

Time management is an important skill that you can help your child develop to keep them on track and prepared. Every exam period is filled with chaos and sometimes your child could be writing two exams in one day. Being able to manage multiple tasks in an efficient manner relieves a lot of pressure before and during exams. It’s essential to create a timetable to help your child manage their studying, nutrition and down-time.

A natural source of brain food like Bio-Strath along with a well thought out plan for the coming exam season is the ultimate combo in adding structure, ensuring balance and bringing confidence into your child’s life.

To help your family stay on track during the exam season we’ve created a timetable for you. Download our suggested Bio-Strath Exam Study time-table as well as a blank version that you and child can customise together.