Tackle Exam Day with confidence

There’s a lot that goes into making sure your child does better during their exams. Preparation is important, especially closer to the days leading up to the exam. Preparing thoroughly within good time instills confidence, and with Bio-Strath supporting your child with focus and concentration, the hours spent studying become more effective.

Revision is important if your child is looking to prepare for the exams. Firstly, it helps them to remember facts, figures and topics that they have covered some time ago. Secondly, if done correctly it will help increase their confidence and reduce anxiety.

So, how do we increase confidence, revise, and prepare?

  1. Prepare Well – Help them plan correctly, ensuring that they have enough time to go through all the necessary material. Do not encourage cramming months of work into a few hours.
  2. Take note and pay attention – As a mom, you can change the conversation and mood around exams to be more positive. In doing so, you can help combat any anxiety or nerves leading up to exams. Talking through your child’s studies, tough concepts or just reassuring them so they talk through their stresses and don’t keep it all inside are all helpful.
  3. Attitude matters. Encouraging a positive attitude keeps your child’s mind open, relaxes the body, gives better concentration while helping them recall what they’ve have learned. This means Bio-Strath, in addition to a positive attitude will yield even better results because a healthy body is a happy body, triggering the release of serotonin.
  4. Take your Bio-Strath daily, drink more water, and enjoy a healthy breakfast before the exam – certain foods feed the brain: Fish, Turmeric, Broccoli, Green Tea, Nuts, Oranges, Eggs and more. Studies show that if Bio-Strath is consumed daily it helps with better absorption of nutrients from foods, maximising nutrients absorption and usage within the body.
  5. Avoid talking about studies just before the exam and trust preparation – it is important that you get the mind off your studies just before the exam. Cramming in the last minute actually confuses the brain and displaces all your due diligence.
  6. Include a small fun break in your child’s schedule to keep them relaxed.
  7. Encourage. Be sure not to pressure your child on the day; give them space and calm words of encouragement to lead them into a confident mindset. These words will help spread positivity to their mind, this is vital to helping them through the stresses.

The right preparation and support includes Bio-Strath, with +60 vitamins all helping feed your child’s brain, giving them the building blocks to succeed by improving their confidence and ready to take on any exam.

**Important: Download our Bio-Strath exam checklist, to help prepare and stay organised and calm before the big day.